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William John Purves
1218 Morgan Road
Southlake, Texas 76092

Phone 817-251-4619
E-mail wjpurves@yahoo.com


Ph.D. Geosciences-University of Arizona-Tucson, Arizona, 1978

MS Geology, Civil Engineering Minor-Washington State Univ. 1969

BS Geology-University of Redlands, Redlands, California, 1965

Attended South Pasadena, California schools-Marengo Elementary, South Pasadena Junior High School, and South Pasadena High School, 1949-1961

Born-October 29, 1943, Los Angeles, California

Marital Status—Married, Susan Ann Purves, B.A., M.A. Anthropologist

Two Children:

John-born 3/7/79—Lawyer
Julie-born 3/7/81—Attending Law School

Summary of Qualifications:

Maintained multidisciplinary technical proficiencies throughout the past 30 plus years.

Served as Chief Geologist of Pioneer, technically reviewing corporate-wide E&P projects as well as executing special basin studies projects.

Prior to joining Pioneer (Parker & Parsley) worked many of my 18 years at Mobil in a high performance work team environment (considerable team training); have been project coordinator for lease sales, team leader and considered a technical advisor/specialist.

Started career working in an active research environment at Phillips Petroleum.

Have worked in exploration, production, exploitation, research and operations positions.

Have extensive experience in exploration and production of carbonates, (12 years Permian Basin); rift basinal sedimentation; siliceous sediments (Monterey); integration of core, petrography and e-logs for reservoir descriptions; been involved over the past 10 years in 3D seismic interpretation and visualization in exploration and production settings.

Developed expertise in karsted-tectonized-hydrothermal reservoirs.

Operationally, have drilled wells greater than 25,000’, horizontal wells, air drilled wells as well as conventionally drilled wells.

Have worked on domestic and international projects.

In Canada, familiar with BC, Alberta and Scotian Shelf geology.

Maintained active participation in Geologic Societies and received a Lifetime Member status with the West Texas Geological Society, Co-chaired sessions in Carbonates at National AAPG meetings.

Professional Experience:

1/2004 to present—Form Highlander Energy, LLC—
Form a company whose goal is to explore, exploit and ultimately produce natural resources. The startup goals are to identify opportunities and obtain carried interests in prospects or plays. Also, specific properties are being sought to enhance development or opportunities. Includes working with Page Exploration in Midland and other companies to recognized, develop, and monetize energy related opportunities.

8/97 to 12/2003--Corporate Chief Geologist/Chief Geoscientist/Technical Specialist—Pioneer Natural Resources, Irving Texas-
Technically review E&P corporate portfolio, improve technical capabilities of Pioneer, co-organize corporate wide G&G conference, monthly video conference technical reviews, organize corporate training program. Execute special basin analysis studies in South Africa, Canada, Alaska, and the Appalachian Basin-Trenton-Black River-Beekmantown, Williston Basin, East Texas and other areas. During the early phases of Pioneer at the time of the amalgamation of Mesa, Chauvco, Greenhill & Parker & Parsley-1997)-worked in business development assessments of properties in Argentina, Canada, Caspian Sea, and other areas.

3/96 to 8/97--Chief Geoscientist Business Development-Parker & Parsley, Midland, Texas—
Worked on projects in Neuquen Basin, Argentina; worked on building up technical capabilities in company; evaluations of offshore Peru Z1/Z3 blocks, assessment of properties in Colombia and other domestic properties

1990-3/96—Senior Staff Geological Advisor—Mobil, Midland Division.
Worked on High performance multidiscipline work team exploiting, producing and exploring for gas in the Permian Basin; participated and interpreted 3D seismic programs including a joint BEG, DOE, GRI, Shell 175 mile survey; 60 mile Brown Bassett field survey, Provident Technologies 11 company group shoot in Pecos-Terrell counties, Rojo Caballos-Coyanosa 110 mile shoot. In 1990 acquired and interpreted Pegasus field Ellenburger karsted reservoirs including and publishing on methods to delineate karsted reservoirs. Also participated and monitored in excess of 40 wells including horizontal, air drilled, and conventional drilling programs. Acted as a corporate resource for Tarim Basin Mobil/Exxon joint venture in karsted reservoirs. Provided Mobil Research/Exxon research with field trips and lectures on karsted reservoirs for Chinese.

8/86-1990—Geological Advisor, Mobil Exploration-Midland—
Deep Gas Exploration—worked in a team environment; developed new play concept of subthrust which led to the drilling of a 25,201’ exploration test in the Permian Basin. Did regional studies incorporating a comprehensive Permian Basin wide study that integrated geological/geophysical/geochemical source rock study of carbonates & clastic reservoirs that included gas isotope study; stratigraphic and core studies. A major focus was on the Ordovician Ellenburger Group.

3/85-8/86---Geological Advisor, Mobil Production, Midland---Worked in reservoir management teams to assess various fields for CO2 floods. Involved detailed integration of core, e-log, production data, seismic data to provide detailed volumetric reservoir studies. A study of the San Andres, Vacuum Field area was the main focus area. Two University of Texas Bureau of Economic Geology publications summarized this work.

1/79 to 3/85---Staff Geologist to Tier II, Senior Technical Advisor, Mobil Exploration, Denver, Colorado--Worked on Management Staff to assess and support exploration teams working a 35 state area, initially focused on petrography studies of areas from the North Slope of Alaska, Williston Basin, Oregon, etc. Was the Project Coordinator for the offshore California lease sale 53 that involved heading up technical coordination for over 30 multidiscipline professionals including Denver staff, & Dallas based MEPSI, and Mobil Research personnel. Continued further federal lease sale activities including OCS 73 and Pt. Conception state lease sales. Developed and internally published a detailed report on prediction of Monterey Facies and associated producibilities. Coordinated and led Williston Basin teams as well as worked on numerous projects. Supervised and tracked all Denver core and core repository activities for Denver Division.

11/75 to 1/79—Research Geologist, Geophysics Branch, Phillips Petroleum R&D, Bartlesville, OK.—
Worked with Geophysicist Bob Hardage (now at Univ. ofTexas BEG) on R&D North Sea Seismic Project, British Sector, Developed North Sea Rift Model, Worked on Williston Basin, Intracratonic rifts subsidence models with Phillips Denver Division.

Summer 1970—Geologist, Shell Oil Company, Los Angeles—Worked on developing understanding of Monterey Formation facies variations for Bill Montz and John Castano.

Summer 1969---Watts Griffis & McQuat, Toronto, Canada—Worked as Senior Assistant to 30 man base metal Arctic exploration and drilling program, Victoria Island, Canadian Arctic. Supervised 10 fly camps that were mapping base metal alteration as well as helicopter fly mapped.

Summer 1967—Washington State Water Research Center, Pullman, Washington---
Worked on a multidisciplinary team to assess potential ground water pollution in Spokane Valley, Washington (part of MS thesis).

Summer 1966---Watts, Griffis & McQuat, Toronto, Canada-Worked as a Party Chief doing helicopter supported fly mapping as part of a regional base metal exploration program.

Academic, During part of my BS (1964-65), throughout MS degree (1965-1968) worked as ½ teaching assistant, research groundwater geologist (1967) and on Ph.D. worked as research groundwater geologist (1968-1969) & instructor as well as having fellowship stipends (3 years NDEA Title IV Fellow, Asarco Fellow).


• Presented Paper in London-Mobil Worldwide Conference—3D identification of karsted reservoirs, 1993 (In House, Univ. Surrey, England)

• 3D Visualization for Reservoir Description and Development: Ca. A Clayton, M. W. Dobin, W. J. Purves, MA. Stallsworth and L. K. Wipperman, SPE 24511, Abui Dhabi National Co. SPE, 1992

• Presented Paper on Karst Detection using 3D visualization-National AAPG Calgary, 1992

• Presented Paper, Abstract, at National AAPG, Subthrust Play, Permian Basin-San Francisco , 1991

• Delaware Basin/Central Basin Platform Margin: The Development of a Subthrust Deep-Gas Province in the Permian Basin, WTGS Abstract, v. 30 No. 1, Sept 1990.

• 2 Papers published in Univ. Texas, Bureau of Economic Geology publications –discussing reservoir description of San Andres Shoals, Vacuum Field-1988, 1990

• Paleoenvironmental Evaluation of Mississippian Age Carbonate Rocks in Central and Southeastern Arizona, Univ. of Arizona Ph.D. Dissertation, 1978

• Possible Arizona Faulting as Suggested buy Mississippian Facies Analysis and Plate Tectonics—At Stratotectonic Approach, Arizona Geological Soc. Digest X-Tectonic Digest., 1976

• Stratigraphic Control of the Ground Water through Spokane Valley, MS thesis, Washington State University, Pullman, Washington, 1969

Professional Memberships:

•AAPG, West Texas Geological Soc. (honorary lifetime member), SEPM Permian Basin Section, Dallas Geological Soc., Dallas International Geological Soc.


• 2004 Co-Chair for the SEPM Hydrothermal Dolomite Carbonate session at the 2004 National AAPG Convention

• 2003-2004 Chairman of the International Section of the Dallas Geological Society

• 2002-2003 Program Chairman-International Section-Dallas Geological Society

• 1999 recipient of the Honorary Life Member-West Texas Geological Society

• 1996--Co-Chaired Worldwide Carbonate Exploration & Development at National AAPG Meeting in Houston

• President , Secretary, Speaker Chairman, SEPM—Permian Basin Section

• 1st VP, 2nd V.P., Secretary, Speaker Chairman, Road log Chairman, West Texas Geological Society

• Ph.D. Program-NDEA Title IV Fellowship 3 years, Asarco Fellowship, received D.F. Bryant Award for outstanding student in Strat-Sed-Paleo


• Spanish—speak, read, write (not fluent but can survive)

• German—read, 2 years college German